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1We Sports Ambassadors Say YES to Play

1We - One World Experience has ambassadors who are involved with the organization and support our philosophy. Which is: another way of thinking and doing in order to create renewing initiatives in development cooperation. One of these initiatives is the campaign ‘Say YES to Play’ around the 1We Football Playgrounds. Several football professionals participate actively as 1We Sports Ambassador.

Lodewijk de Kruif Hans van den Dungen Bart Vriends
1We Sports Ambassador 1We Sports Ambassador 1We Sports Ambassador
With Lodewijk de Kruif as the head coach of the Bangladesh national football team, the campaign ‘Say YES to Play’ now has become international. For the promotion of the 1We Football Playgrounds in Brazil, Bangladesh and Burundi, De Kruif has committed himself as the 16th 1We Sports Ambassador of 1We - One World Experience. After his career as a professional football player in the Netherlands, he started his adventure as head coach in Bangladesh at the beginning of 2014. "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere in the world." Ex-professional football player Hans van den Dungen has proven to be successful in life. After 15 years of wearing shirt number 2 at NAC Breda, he changed his focus to the commercial section of the Dutch football club. Nowadays he has his own company Dunga. With his commitment as 1We Sport Ambassador, Hans is connecting parties in order to achieve the highest efficiency. “Football is my life. I am privileged that I was able to play this beautiful game. I hope that many disadvantaged children will have this experience.” As a child, Bart Vriends already wanted to become a professional football player. For 11 years he wore the t-shirt of the Dutch club FC Utrecht. Until 2013, when he flowed into Go Ahead Eagles and directly became 'Eagle of the year' thanks to his relentless ambition and commitment. That his involvement goes beyond football, is clear from his commitment as 1We Sports Ambassador. “I believe that every child in this world has the right to play and be a child. Therefore football is the ultimate means. In fact, it’s a strong weapon in the fight against poverty.”
Shallon (Brico) Nkeshimana Harry van den Ham Joep van den Ouweland
1We Sports Ambassador 1We Sports Ambassador 1We Sports Ambassador
For Shallon (Brico) Nkeshimana the football world is his favorite playground. First as a football player at, among others, the national team of Burundi, nowadays as a football scout. The project 1We Football Playgrounds immediately approached to him: “I come from Burundi and I know what it is like to not have the chances we do have here. When I visited my country again in 2011, I looked at it in a very different way than when I left it when I was 11. This time I did see the poverty. Many young people are wandering around, while they prefer to play football. Now, they get that chance.’’ The nearly 60-year old Harry van den Dungen, head coach at FC Dordrecht in the Netherlands, cannot imagine his life without football. “As a child, I knew that I would become a professional football player. The passion for this game is in my blood.” As 1We Sports Ambassador, he wants to commit actively to a better world for underprivileged children. “A child, wherever in the world, should be given the chance to be a child. It must also be occupied with other things than only with surviving. In particular sport plays an important role in the development of children." He played at the Dutch clubs De Graafschap, Go Ahead Eagles and nowadays at FC Oss. Therewith, a childhood dream came true for professional football player Joep van den Ouweland. “The fact that I could make my employment from my hobby is something magical. Definitely because it is reserved for only a few players." With his ambassadorship, he wants to give underprivileged children a better future. "By promoting the 1We Football Playgrounds together, hopefully we can make us strong to give these kids a fair chance.’’
Dario Tanda Cor Lems Mustafa Saymak
1We Sports Ambassador 1We Sports Ambassador 1We Sports Ambassador
With his 19 years he is the youngest 1We Sports Ambassador. From season 2013/2014, Dario Tanda is part of the selection of FC Twente in the Netherlands. The talented midfielder is hoping to break through here. "It has always been my dream to be a professional footballer. Someday I hope to be able to play in Italy, the country where my father was born." Tanda believes that boys and girls in developing countries deserve a fair chance to play football. "On good, vandal-proof fields, with all the facilities that come with it. Because football is the way to develop yourself." He was highly popular by fans, valued by coaches as Co Adriaanse and maligned by some media and opponents. Former professional football player Cor Lems played at 2 clubs during his career: DS'79 (later on Dordrecht' 90) and FC Den Haag in the Netherlands. Nowadays he is coach at the Dutch clubs Kocatepe Anadolu in Rotterdam and RVVH in Ridderkerk. Football runs through his veins. “It’s my life.” As a 1We Ambassador he wants to share the luck he had in his life. "Also disadvantaged children must be given the chance to play football instead of ending up in the crime." From an early age, Mustafa Saymak was taken by his father to a football field somewhere in the Netherlands. It was not always fun. But the 21-year-old football player at PEC Zwolle is now reaping the rewards of it. "Football means everything to me. It’s for a good reason that I have given up everything for this sport." Saymak is glad with his professional career so far. "From my position as a 1We Sports Ambassador, I can do something meaningful for underprivileged children. They should also be given the opportunity to develop themselves by playing football, just like me.’’
Adem Kocak André Krul Arno van Zwam
1We Sports Ambassador 1We Sports Ambassador 1We Sports Ambassador
As a child, he started on the football field, but at some point he made the switch to futsal. Adem Kocak is now playing at the European level. "It is great that I can do something for underprivileged children from this position as a 1We Sports Ambassador! Especially since football connects people and cultures all over the world.” As an Ambassador, Kocak would like to provide children a safe haven. "Safety is not always and everywhere obvious. By offering children a safe place with the 1We Football Playgrounds, they can develop themselves in a playful manner.” When his father wanted him to play football at the age of 6, he didn’t like it at all. Until he participated in a small tournament. From that moment, André Krul only wanted to become a professional football player. As a 1We Sports Ambassador, the former keeper of the Dutch club FC Groningen wants to share his talent with underprivileged children. "A couple of years ago when I was in Ethiopia, I saw the bad situation on the other side of the world. I believe that especially children in such countries should be given the opportunity to develop their talent, just like I got.” After playing for many years at Fortuna Sittard in the Netherlands, he made the transfer to the Japanese Júbilo Iwata and eventually ended up at the Dutch NAC Breda. There he became a keepers coach in 2007/2008. Now, Arno van Zwam is the keepers coach of ADO Den Haag and Young Orange. As a 1We Sports Ambassador he is the 11th professional football player for the 1We Football Playgrounds. "For us, it’s obvious that we have great playgrounds. Unfortunately, in many countries this is not the case. I therefore strongly support this project as an Ambassador."
Ton Cornelissen Chris de Vries Frans Thijssen
1We Sports Ambassador 1We Sports Ambassador 1We Sports Ambassador
Former professional football player Ton Cornelissen, nowadays trainer at Kazakken Boys in the Netherlands, played in various clubs. With 35 goals during the season ' 90-'91, he was top scorer of the year. Still football means everything to him. “It’s my life. Already as a small boy I didn’t want to do anything else. Like many children, I only wanted to become a professional player. Football connects people, irrespective of their origin. I believe that we all should make a contribution to give every child, wherever in the world, the chance to play football.” Old-football hero Chris de Vries played football for 19 years at among others the Dutch clubs Go Ahead Eagles, Vitesse and De Graafschap. Still football means a lot to the oldest 1We Sports Ambassador so far. “It has always been my second marriage. Football is a sport of solidarity. Everyone watches it: young and old, poor and affluent. I hope that the last group wants to support the disadvantaged with a donation for this beautiful project. Because in certain areas around the world there is a poignant shortage of playgrounds where children can play." Silent Frans, as the nickname of old-international Frans Thijssen was, acquired notoriety at the Dutch clubs FC Twente, N. E. C. and Vitesse. His great breakthrough came at the Dutch National Team and the English Ipswich Town. There, as the very first not-British player he became Football Player of the Year. "With great pleasure I look back to my time as a professional football player and trainer. To me it’s wonderful that as a 1We Sports Ambassador I now can contribute something positive to the lives of disadvantaged children.”

Berry Powel Koos van Tamelen
1We Sports Ambassador 1We Sports Ambassador
For Berry Powel, professional football player at Roda JC in the Netherlands, football means freedom. The striker played at FC den Bosch, FC Groningen, ADO Den Haag and the Spanish clubs Gimnàstic de Tarragona and Huracán Valencia CF. As 1We Sports Ambassador he wants to respond to the exposure around paid football. “As a football player you can make use of your reputation to mean something for society. I believe that every child has the right to be a child and to play freely. As a father of 2 children, I like to be committed to this project.” Koos van Tamelen played as a defender for the Dutch clubs FC Utrecht and FC Wageningen from 1976 to 1987. After his career as a professional football player, he worked as a coach for among others FC De Bilt and FC Utrecht. Since 2008 he also leads the Football School in Utrecht. “What I like about football is that it connects people. That’s why I believe it should be played on all levels in society, regardless of the social background of the players. This 1We project gives young disadvantaged people the chance to take a step in the right direction through football.”