One World Experience: a very good cause

Women empowerment with
sewing machines

1We Sewing Machine Project Bangladesh | So far 26 sewing machines have been donated

In countries like Bangladesh women often have a subordinate position. Taking care of their children and the household is not enough to stand equal to their man. As long as they don’t bring in money, they are treated with little respect at home and often are beaten. This will change directly if they earn money themselves as an extra income for the family.

More respect
With the sewing machine project, 1We - One World Experience gives Bengali women the chance to empower themselves. By working at home with their sewing machines, they can earn their own income and be there for the children at the same time. Moreover, they will no longer be beaten and get more respect in their village.


The power of the project is that women can work together in cooperatives. By joining their forces they are able to assume bigger projects, besides the orders from the family and the village. Such as sewing uniforms for schools or, for example, the local hospital.

The cooperation ensures that the women will find each other for other issues too. They become active, take their life into their own hands and, in this way, develop their self-confidence. This is exactly what this project is all about: women empowerment.

For the amount of € 165 you give a woman the chance to empower herself!