One World Experience: a very good cause

Meet the 1We Team

Robbert Frank Hagens Brigitte de Swart Ruud Nieswaag
Founder & Executive Producer Editor-in-Chief Treasurer
Practically born with a camera in his hands Robbert knows one thing for sure: the power of the media can change the world. Especially when this happens in a positive and therefore constructive way. In words and pictures. With concrete actions as a result. In other words: from awareness leading to action. "This is exactly what 1We - One World Experience is all about. Through positive TV programs and other media tools we create worldwide awareness from which surprising development projects arise.” To convert illustrative stories into crystal-clear text. Using words which touch people. That is where Brigitte stands for. Words are her thing, exploring social subjects her passion. Preferably with her hands deep in the mud in the slums of Bangladesh or eye to eye with former gang leaders in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Everything for the good cause: a better world. "I lost my heart to 1We - One World Experience because of the innovative and creative approach of development cooperation and media.” Ruud Nieswaag, director/owner of Nieswaag Accountancy & Tax Consultancy Services, is involved with 1We from the very first start. His passion for his profession goes beyond good advice and knowledge of the rules and figures. For a great part accountancy is about people, says Ruud. “As a professional partner we build a sustainable and personal relationship with our customers. The connection is where it is all about. That is exactly the power of 1We - One World Experience.”
Momotaz de Vries
Volunteer & Coordinator Bangladesh

More people involved:
Christine Stomphorst | Secretary
Roelie Willering | Design
Leo van de Kolk | Administration
Artois Ndakazi | TV & Media

Team 1We Bangladesh

Steven Kruit Maarten Verbruggen Omi Sayek
1We Supervisor Bangladesh 1We Advisor Bangladesh 1We Project leader Bangladesh
For years, Steven is living as an expat in Bangladesh. Like no other he knows the country, the people and the culture. As a Manager he has the experience to initialize, coordinate and control big projects. He is aware of the problems of the country, but on the other hand he sees the opportunities. This is the reason why the positive vision of 1We - One World Experience appeals to him. “In the past years, developments in Bangladesh have been going very fast. Companies become more and more professional and the infrastructure has considerably improved. That is important for development of the country.” With almost 11 years of experience with Bangladesh no one else knows more about the potential and restrictions than Maarten does. As a ‘social entrepreneur’ he contributes in a sustainable way to the development of the country. According to him the best form of development cooperation is based on creating tools, not on donating money. The vision of 1We fits perfectly to this conviction. “I like the work of 1We because it stimulates enterprising talent and teach them how to do business. Moreover I love the positive way in which 1We exposes Bangladesh worldwide.” positive for the helpless people and showing the world the beauty of his country. At 1We - One World Experience he now has the chance to make his dream come true. “It makes me really happy to see people who were struggling before, now are having a much better life thanks to 1We. The 1We Rickshaw project is a shining example, which we are now extending to my home town Chittagong.”

Other volunteers involved:
Sarwar Jahan Bappi - 1We Bangladesh
Tariq Rana Chowdhury - 1We Bangladesh
Ben Alam - 1We Bangladesh