One World Experience: a very good cause

1We - One World Experience, the new style development organization, is all about a new form of development cooperation in the 21st century. By thinking and doing differently from an entrepreneurial and creative mind, new initiatives arise together with companies. The 1We organization is proving this since 2006 with dynamic development projects. In these projects deprived people with talent get the chance to start their own small company. The goal: empowerment of the new generation in underdeveloped countries and areas.

Mission, vision, strategy

1We - One World Experience believes in the power of the individual. By joining strengths and act ‘out of the box’, a strong power source arises where all parties involved make the difference in this changing world. Commercial and idealistic values come together in a renewing way and offer companies new chances in new markets form their social involvement. In other words: a win win situation for all people involved. In this process 1We is the generator for a new way of thinking and doing.

This is why

A better world without corruption and with fair chances for everyone, regardless of religion, culture or social situation. This is where 1We - One World Experience is all about. That’s why we do things totally different, as a counterpart to the established order in the world of development cooperation. We make the poorest people heroes and give the new generation concrete tools to empower themselves. Empowerment as the key to a better future.

High transparency

The project 1We Empower Centres embodies everything 1We stands for. The centres are community based, multifunctional and modular in structure, with basic healthcare, education and the tools to empower people. This can be a small bakery, a rickshaw workshop, a water shop or for example a small restaurant. The several units function independently. Combined, they form a power source in the shape of a micro-economy which expands step by step. Based on earnings models, the 1We Empower Centres guarantee the sustainability and contribute to the self-sufficiency of the local population. Each centre is accessible to an area of around 200,000 inhabitants. The target per centre is to empower at least 350 'new entrepreneurs' on a yearly basis.