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Provide a family with income: donate a chicken

1We Chicken Project Bangladesh | Until now 165 Chickens donated

Who is keeping chickens in a country like Bangladesh, has food and income. The chicken produces nutritious eggs for own consumption and for sale. Moreover, the hen is able to ‘give birth’. These newborns can be sold. Or they grow up, producing eggs by themselves. When the chicken stops laying eggs, she can be sold for slaughter. With the money the family can buy a new one.

To school
A flock of 10 chickens will produce around 50 eggs per week. This is more than 2,500 per year! Thus they form a structural source of food and income. The money a family can generates with a few chickens is enough to send their children to school. This is exactly what the 1We Chicken project is all about: the empowerment of the new generation.
Young chickens
In Bangladesh, 1We buys young chickens and donates them to the most underprivileged families. For only € 5 -the donation of one chicken- you make the difference in the general well-being of such a family. In addition to good nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and proteins, a chicken simply offers a better future. A piece of cake for us, a substantial difference for them.

For only € 5 you buy a 1We Chicken!