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Give a family a bright and healthy future

1We Solar System Project Bangladesh | Until now 135 Solar Systems donated

The use of solar panels and LED lighting in developing countries contributes directly to improved living conditions of the poorest. It improves their health, provides more opportunities for education, leads to higher productivity, improves safety and it is good for the environment. With the 1We Home Solar Project, 1We - One World Experience puts whole families in Bangladesh sustainably in the spotlights.  
Sustainable energy
In collaboration with SolarFabriek, 1We developed a special Home Solar Kit, existing from a solar panel, battery, lamps and phone charger. The system is completely installed on the roof of a house. With this project 1We gives disadvantaged people in Bangladesh the opportunity to get acquainted with sustainable energy. 

Toxic substances
Worldwide 1.5 billion people still live without being connected to the electricity grid. The alternative is the use of expensive kerosene lamps, which emit toxic substances. As a result: respiratory problems, lung cancer, tuberculosis and common house burn victims. The use of LED lamps thus directly affects the safety and health of a family. Especially women and children will benefit, as they spend most of the time at home.  
More productive
In addition, LED lighting is stronger than kerosene lamps. Particular in the evenings this gives great benefits. For many Bengali families the day ends around 18.00 o’clock when it is pith dark. With other lighting, children can longer do their homework and adults can be more productive. With the ability to charge their mobile phones, they are also permanently reachable. This is good for doing business and thus generates a structural income.  

For € 195 you put a whole family in the spotlights with a complete 1We Home Solar Kit!

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