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The Business Partners of 1We are actively involved in creating a better world. How? By supporting the 1We organization and the empowerment projects. This can be in-kind, with a financial contribution or with an event or initiative. Moreover, with your active involvement from your corporate social responsibility you have a distinctive marketing tool for your company.

Brasserie The Wing donates chickens Special High Tea for 1We Rickshaws David Bloch's Presentation Clinic
A few chickens make the difference for a family in Bangladesh! That’s the reason why brasserie The Wing in Amersfoort decided to support the 1We Chicken project. In February, Suzanne – daughter of the owner Hille de Jong - handed over a check to Robbert Frank Hagens. The proceeds: € 150. In other words: 30 chickens. More underprivileged families now get the chance to generate extra income with selling their eggs. It was Sunday, 9 February. 2 times it was extremely busy at Brood & Zoets in Amersfoort. In the lunchroom a special 1We High Tea took place in 2 rounds. The proceeds of the ‘Tea Party’ for the charity: € 440! A family in Bangladesh now will get a 1We Rickshaw to create a better life. Another 18 chickens will be donated to underprivileged families. For owner Sanne Vermeulen, this is a great start for the 3rd anniversary of her lunchroom. Presentation specialist David Bloch is committed to 1We with his trainings. This time with ‘The Presentation Clinic’, in which you can take your speakers and presentation skills to a higher level. Several current questions will be discussed at an intensive workshop. The main point in the workshop are the participants and their presentation bumps. The entry fee of every 10th participant goes to the 1We Rickshaw project.
Make the difference @1We! 1We SNEW: recycling computers Tulip Bikes sponsors 1We Rickshaws
The Business Partners of 1We actively contribute towards a better world. They support the 1We organization and the empowerment projects with material gifts, with financial gifts or with an action or event. Moreover, with their tailor made CSR implementation they have a distinctive marketing tool in their hands. Are you curious about your possibilities as a partner? We look forward talking with you. Please contact us by e-mail Countries like China, India and Ghana are popular destinations. Also for the blatantly, illegal dumping of depreciated business computers. With the steady growth of huge heaps as a result. The project 1We SNEW fights against this waste dumping. Used computers get a second chance and they get, finally, recycled. 1We does this in collaboration with SNEW, the specialist in the recycling of communication equipment. The online bicycle store Tulpfietsen (Tulip Bikes) supports from the start in 2009 the 1We Rickshaw project in Bangladesh. For each Tulip Bike that passes the digital counter, the company donates € 2 for the project. Both the Dutch city bikes and the Bengali bicycle cabs are about transportation. The link with the 1We Rickshaw project contributes in this way to the promotion of the Amsterdam-based company as a social company.
Dutch Railways (NS) into action SolarFabriek illuminates the world 'Super Sale' for rickshaw project
Along with employees of the Dutch Railways (NS), 1We developed the OV Rickshaw in Bangladesh: recycled bicycle cabs, painted in the corporate colors of the Dutch Railways. These rickshaws are the direct link with the public transport bike in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, the ‘virus’ of the rickshaws has been spread to the Dutch Railways departments throughout the whole country. The result: more than 70 blue-yellow rickshaws driving around the streets of Bangladesh. ‘We cannot change the world, but we can change the world for some people’. From this philosophy, SolarFabriek donates for each solar system in the Netherlands a 1We Home Solar package in Bangladesh. The use of solar panels and LED lighting contributes directly to improved living conditions of the poorest. It improves their health and safety and gives a higher productivity in the evening. The home solar package exists from a solar panel, battery, lamps and a phone charger. Organize a ‘Super Sale’ during a week and sell your second-hand clothing for € 1 a piece for charity. This happened in the stores of Sol Luna in Brummen and Zutphen in the Netherlands. 2 times a year, the shops have a huge sale on the remainder of the collection. This time, the entire proceeds of € 737.50 went to 1We - One World Experience. For this amount 2 recycled 1We Rickshaws were donated to the most disadvantaged families in Bangladesh.
Tulip Bonbons supports 1We Cows Training 'Perfect Presentation' PMGToday: marketing & media 3.0
Rotary into action for 1We Rickshaws Dutch Council of Shopping Centers Make the difference @1We!
Outside-Inside makes the difference Animal pension sponsors 1We Cows Brochures, flyers & business cards
Brasserie sells 'Rickshaw Sandwich' Make the difference @1We! Round Table donates restaurant