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1We Blanket Campaign Bangladesh

Winter is coming up again! No problem at all if you have an isolated house with central heating. Things are totally different, when a homemade fire of waste is the only heat source you have. Exactly this is the situation of many people in Bangladesh, where the cold winters cost hundreds of deaths every year. Therefore also this year 1We - One World Experience takes off with the 1We Blanket Campaign.
Extreme cold
Where the tropical temperatures in Bangladesh in summer rise up to 45°C, they drop just as hard to below 5°C in the winter. Combined with the high humidity and the bleak wind this causes an extreme cold wind chill factor; something the Bengali people, without heaters or isolated houses, are unable to withstand. Early in the evening you smell burned waste everywhere around you. In the absence of stoves, everything they can find during the day ends up on small fires. Once burned out, the cold strikes them down seriously. That’s why most deaths occur at night.

Make the difference
By donating a 1We Blanket you will make the difference between life and death. With every blanket we are able to distribute, we protect a life during the harsh winter months in Bangladesh. Moreover, the blankets are multi-functional: not only as a blanket, but also as a baby crib or carpet.

Help us to protect many more people this winter
The counter stands this year already on 1004 1We Blankets!

Buy a 1We Blanket for someone in Bangladesh.
With every blanket donated, someone will have a warm winter. The 1We Blankets cost € 5 a piece.