One World Experience: a very good cause

    The first 1We Empower Centre is supported by:
The Dutch Council of Shopping Centres | Round Table Leusden 128 | Bistro 't Kannetje | PROgel Architects

First 1We Empower Center a fact

The first 1We Empower Centre in Bangladesh is a fact. In the village of Rajihar in Barisal, about 120 km below the capital Dhaka, 3 shops and a learning workshop has been realized. In the restaurant, the sewing shop and the energy- annex rickshaw shop 40 women and 12 men work together in cooperatives.

Power to the People
In the Empower Centre these underprivileged people get the chance to develop themselves. The power of the collaboration is that each shop is run by a group of people. For example, in the street food store and in the energy shop in Rajihar 2 groups of 20 women are joining hands. In the rickshaw shop 12 young men will learn the profession of a bicycle repairman. This means that at once more than 50 families - indirectly around 400 people - will get a better life. In other words: Power to the People!

Click here for a photo impression of the first Empower Centre

Support the second centre in Chittagong!

After the successful realization of the first 1We Empower Centre in Bangladesh, plans are ready for the 2nd centre. For this one, 1We is looking for a seafront location in Chittagong. The port city is located in the Southeast, is the 2nd city of Bangladesh and the commercial capital of the country with many import and export. Also in terms of tourism, Chittagong is an attractive place. The green hills and forests, broad sandy beaches and the relatively cool climate attract more and more tourists.

A beach restaurant
Also here, the 1We Empower Centre will consist of 3 shops and a learning workshop. Because of its location on the coast, there are many possibilities. For example, a 1We Street Food Store in the form of a beach restaurant, or a 1We Bike Shop for the maintenance of rickshaws and the rental of bikes.

Below the poverty line
The selection of the families takes place on the basis of a social profile. 1We’s main condition is that the families are really disadvantaged and have no future perspective. They live below the poverty line, have no structural income and barely money for the education of their children. It is these people, 1We offers the ability to empower themselves.

For the design of the Empower Centre, 1We works together with Dutch and Bengali architects. The building itself offers employment to the local population in Chittagong. The aim is to develop the centers as sustainable as possible. For example, by using recycled building materials and solar panels on the roof, and by using local products such as bamboo.

Give underprivileged people the chance to empower themselves.
For the construction and inventory of the 2nd Empower Centre any donation is welcome!