One World Experience: a very good cause

Old shipping containers as
ICT learning workshops

Donate disused computers with your company or sponsor us

Each company does have depreciated computers. Replaced by the latest models, they are tucked away to be never used again. We like to take over this equipment, with the aim to give it a second life in developing countries. This is the innovative project 1We SNEW, whereby ICT, recycling and social involvement congregate. 

Joining forces
For this, 1We - One World Experience and SNEW joined forces. This is a new combination of being idealistic and commercial; with as the most important aim to educate young ICT talent, give underprivileged people access to modern technology (and therewith knowledge), and to offer a solution for the growing waste problems. 1We and SNEW challenge you as an entrepreneur to participate in this project with your company. This is development cooperation 3,0 to the max!

For the 1We SNEW project old sea containers will be converted into mobile ICT learning workshops annex internet cafes. In these ‘Smart Cubes’, disused computers from Europe will get a second life. The earning model is: recycling and selling computers by a proven method. The idealistic process is about empowering underprivileged people with talent.
Innovative solutions
The metamorphosis of the containers into ICT learning workshops happens in the Netherlands. For this process the business community is challenged to come up with innovative solutions for the traditional container. How do you arrange and furnish the container sustainably? What do you need for establishing an ICT learning workshop annex internet cafe? How do you prevent the containers form flooding during high water levels?
 This fall the first container will be shipped to Bangladesh. You and your company can contribute! Donate a minimum of 25 computers, sponsor the project, or play an active part in transforming the container into a ‘Smart Cube’.

This fall the first container will be shipped to Bangladesh. You and your company can contribute! Donate a minimum of 25 computers or sponsor the project. Please contact us!