One World Experience: a very good cause

1We Rickshaws now avialable
in your company colours!

1We is pleased to announce that from now on it is possible to donate the 1We Rickshaws in your company colour(s)! When you donate at least ten 1We Rickshaws we are able to paint them in your own colour(s) with your logo and company name on it.
You will get a dynamic film report of the donation of the bicycle taxis in Bangladesh, including beautiful pictures.

Imagine, your company will be shown in an other way, a positive way, a social involved way. This is a great marketing tool!

For example, see these 1We Rickshaws painted in the yellow and blue colours of the Dutch Railways. Through their donation a lot of families in Bangladesh now have a better future

Most for all you give at least 10 families in Bangladesh a new future by donating as many rickshaws as you can.