One World Experience: a very good cause

1We Power Shops: power to the people

In 1 go 52 families a better life! That’s the result of the 1We Power Shops in Bangladesh. The construction of the shops and the learning workshop is finished, the inventory is arranged. 40 women and 12 young men are ready for take-off. Also the first expansion is a fact: with 55 chickens, 3 cows, 5 sewing machines and 1 computer the first 1We Empower Centre is arising. It’s a power source in the shape of a micro-economy which expands step by step. You can help us by supporting a piece of the project.
A distinctive marketing tool

Surfbabes on a mission

They both have a passion for windsurfing, they sport on a professional level and they are really fanatic. Also when it comes to their sports ambassadorship for 1We under the motto ‘Say YES to Play’. The Dutch Esther de Geus (23) en Ingrid Bakker (24) have committed themselves to the 1We Playgrounds. The two globetrotters now also utilize their surf travels around the world to promote the sports fields in Bangladesh, Brazil and Burundi. "Sport is important for the personal development of children", the surfbabes says. Support the girls in their fight against poverty. Make a donation

Shop for a better world

Shopping for a better world. At 1We, this is possible while sitting in your chair. Shopping at 1We is all about special gifts with a story. So no socks, ties and perfumes, but a concrete tool for a better life for someone in Bangladesh. You will receive a digital gift card, which you can give as a symbolic present. The real gift goes to someone in Bangladesh. The results during X-mas time: 13 sewing machines, 7 rickshaws, 5 cows, .. chickens, 1x tuition fees, .. blankets. Are you looking for an original gift for a birthday, an anniversary, or a marriage? With a 1We-gift you definitely will make a world of difference! A chicken, a cow or equipment