One World Experience: a very good cause

One 1We Cow makes the difference

1We Cow Project Bangladesh | Until now 23 Cows donated

One cow makes a world of difference to a family in Bangladesh. Take for example the family of Minarul in Rajshahi, close to the Indian border. The family lives together with 4 other families to share housing and living costs. Minarul and his wife have three children: a 4 year old, a 6 year old and an 8 year old.  

Big change
In 2011 they got the 1We Cow which changed their life enormously. Every day the cow gives about 7 liters of milk. By selling the milk they earn € 2 per day. They also save money by using the manure as fuel for cooking. Moreover the milk offers a constant source of vitamins and minerals to the family. 
Thanks to the 1We Cow Minarul and his wife
now have the money to send the eldest 2 children to school. The family decided to send them to an even better school a bit further away, where they also offer  English classes. Because they know the importance of good education for the future of their children.

Structural income
With his 1We Cow combined with a small micro credit Minarul got the chance to earn a structural income and create a better life for his family. 1We will invest the repayment of the micro credit in expanding and strengthening the projects in Bangladesh. With this project 1We strives for a sustainable form of agriculture. 

A 1We Cow costs € 325. The funny thing is that YOU can pick the name!
By donating a part of a cow, she will have more names.