One World Experience: a very good cause

Small restaurant for talented women

1We Street Food Stores Bangladesh| Until now 2 stores have been donated

Street food is hot. The phenomenon comes from Asia, with Vietnam as the Mecca. In portable kitchenettes on the pavement or under a tree the women prepare the most delicious dishes here. Super fresh, nutritious, light consumable and all ingredients produced locally! It is the opposite of 'fast food'. Meanwhile, street food also conquers the Western countries.

Women empowerment
Based on the ancient phenomenon of ‘street food’, 1We - One World Experience introduces the Street Food Stores in Bangladesh. Here, disadvantaged women with talent are prepared to run a small store with a group. In this way especially women, who are often still in a subordinate position, get the opportunity to empower themselves. The stores not only generate a structural income for their families, they also contribute actively to raise awareness about healthy and varied food.

Only rice
In countries like Bangladesh a large part of the population is still living below the poverty line. Since simply surviving is the prime concern, the quality of the food is all too often below par. Most of the time the only product people eat is rice. That's why they have a chronic shortage of nutrients. Lack of money is the main cause, but simple ignorance also plays a significant role.

Open your own 1We Street Food Store in Bangladesh.
As a donor your (company) name will be immortalized on the facade.
For a complete store € 4,500
is needed. Any donation is very welcome!