One World Experience: a very good cause

Come into Action for a 1We Project

What could be nicer than use your passion for the good cause? This is possible at 1We - One World Experience. Take action towards a better world and organize a special event, such as a theme party a charity dinner, a sports day or a boot camp. Another way to raise money for a 1We project is by getting sponsored to run a marathon. In fact, everything is possible. The choice is up to you! Would you also like to support one of the 1We empowerment projects? Please let us know!

Special high tea for 1We Rickshaws 159 Blankets for painted legs Super Sale for rickshaw project
Primary school into action A jumble sale Run your heart out
Make the difference with 1We! Special sandwich rickshaw Odd Fellows donates € 500

Rickshaw becomes piece of art Dutch Railways support rickshaws Make the difference with 1We!