One World Experience: a very good cause

Give children a future with football

First 1We Playground in Construction | Make the Second 1We Playground Possible

1We believes that every child, wherever in the world, has the right to play. But if you were born in, for example, the favelas of Rio de Janeiro or the slums of Dhaka, you have little future perspective. Unless you can go to school at a young age and, therefore, are able to build a better life.

Learning by playing

The 1We Football Playgrounds provide children and youngsters the opportunity to learn by playing football, all for a better future. Based on the rules of football they learn how to read, write and count. In Brazil this keeps them out of the hands of the drug mafia. In Bangladesh and Burundi they do not end up in the harsh street life.

Empowerment function

Each football playground features a classroom, a dressing area and seats, surrounded by community based activities. With this the playgrounds also have an empowering function for the entire district. The goal of each playground is to give at least 500 children per year the chance to learn by playing.

More information about the project

First 1We Playground in construction!

The first 1We Sport Playground is being constructed at this moment and will be finished April 2016. The location is next to the 1We Empower Center in the village of Rajihar in Barisal Bangladesh. Hundreds of poor children will have the chance to develop through sport.