One World Experience: a very good cause

Every child a future with sports

First 1We Playground is a fact!

After a harsh period of blood, sweat and tears, it’s finally there: the first 1We Playground in Bangladesh! With a strong team, we started over a year ago with the construction of the sports field in the village of Rajihar in Barisal. The earth had to be raised more than 1.5 meters, to ensure that the playground in the draggy surface does not overflow. After the ground was hardened, we began with the construction of the field behind the 1We Empower Centre. Recently grass has been sown and goals have been placed. A classroom and changing room with toilets complete the 1We Playground.

Strong regional function
Together with the Empower Centre, the playground has a strong regional function; in the area there are no other sports facilities. That means that the 1We Playground is the place to play for more than 600 children from the surrounding villages. Here they get the opportunity to develop themselves in a playful way. For their parents it’s a meeting place, where they can also visit the restaurant, the sewing shop and the energy annex rickshaw shop.

Additional facilities

The foundations are there. On a solid surface, for hundreds of children. The next step is to realize additional facilities to complete the sports field. Such as a small tribune, a higher fence, showers, as well as soccer balls, sportswear and soccer shoes for the children. Every donation is welcome!