One World Experience: a very good cause

Micro-economy as
a social power source

1We Empower Centres Bangladesh

The project 1We Empower Centres embodies everything 1We stands for. The centres are community based, multifunctional and modular in structure, with basic healthcare, education and the tools to empower people. Moreover, the centres are developed as sustainably as possible. For instance, trees are planted in order to compensate for the emission thus creating a green environment as well as awareness among the local population.

The concept of the 1We Empower Centres is a unique one. The several units can function independently. Combined, they form a power source in the shape of a micro-economy which expands step by step. Based on earnings models, the 1We Empower Centres guarantee the sustainability and contribute to the self-sufficiency of the local population.

The modular structure of the 1We Empower Centres offers you and your company the possibility to participate. For example, you can facilitate a bakery, a rickshaw workshop, a water project or a small restaurant. With your commitment you make a constructive contribution to the empowerment of talented people who so badly need a bit of support to take matters into their own hands!

What’s in it for you?
By joining in with the realization of the 1We Empower Centres you have a distinctive and powerful marketing tool. Since all companies and organizations are different, 1We offers you a unique, customized package in the form of a strategic approach which fits in best with your company, product or service. Your active involvement with this project is for your company and employees also a unique way to transfer expertise.

The start: Bangladesh
The unique concept of the 1We Empower Centres is applicable worldwide and can be adapted to the local needs anywhere. The first centre will arise in Bangladesh. In this country 1We already has a strong country organization up and running, with several 1We projects which are functioning well. The aim here is to create 5 centres, each accessible to an area of around 200,000 inhabitants.

Every donation is very welcome!