One World Experience: a very good cause

Give a whole family
a new future

1We Rickshaw Project Bangladesh
Already 241 Rickshaws donated

Imagine: your child is very ill and you lose your home and everything to pay the cost for medical care. That’s what happened to Abdur Razzak from Bamoil, a village in the rural areas of Bangladesh. Thanks to the donation of a 1We Rickshaw he is now able to earn an income for his family. They moved to a better house and his children are going to school.

Above the poverty line!
Families in Bangladesh rent a rickshaw pay hire for € 2 per day. Around € 3.50 to the works all day income. But there goes the € 2 rental from the rickshaw and keep them only about € 1.50. Thanks to the 1We Rickshaw they do not have to pay the rent. The result is that families spend over € 3.50 per day has. Thus they are at once above the poverty line! Can they better accommodation - holiday house, save money for unexpected expenses such as medical expenses and the children go to school!

The family should itself contribute € 90 to be paid for a year and a half every week, 1 Euro per week. The money raised will be reinvested in projects 1We again. Through this contribution strengthens the self-esteem of the rickshaw puller.

The 1We Buddy supports the family by having at least two weekly contact in the social field. Often unable to read the parents of the family and it is only handy if you have a buddy who can.

Your name will shine on the back!

Making a 1We rickshaw takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks. 1We guards make sure that the best available components are used. The result is a remarkable showpiece in the purple / orange 1We colors besides your name on the back.

What do you get?
After that your rickshaw to a family in Bangladesh handed,
you get from us:
• The official certificate Rickshaw
Photos of the family during the handover
A brief description of the composition of the family

A 1We Rickshaw costs € 395.

Donating a piece of a rickshaw is also possible.

(*We will contact you for the name on the backside of the rickshaw)