1 World: from Awareness into Action

Practically born with a camera in my hands I know one thing for sure: the power of the media can change the world. Especially when this happens in a positive -and therefore constructive way. In words and pictures. With concrete actions as a result. In other words: from awareness leading to action. This is exactly what 1We - One World Experience is all about. Through positive TV programs we create worldwide awareness from which surprising development projects arise.

We do this together with enterprising partners who make a contribution in their own specific way towards a better world. Also thanks to these pioneers we have built a sustainable organization which creates changes in a renewing and positive way. I challenge you to get into action, together with 1We. Only together we are able to really make the difference!

Do you have a great idea about how to cooperate? Don’t hesitate and email me! Or use the buttons below to contact me.

‘The true richness of a human being is the good things he creates in the world’
(Kahlil Gibran)