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First 1We Playground a fact!

After a harsh period of blood, sweat and tears, it’s finally there: the first 1We Playground in Bangladesh! With a strong team, we started over a year ago with the construction of the sports field in the village of Rajihar in Barisal. The earth had to be raised more than 1.5 meters, to ensure that the playground in the draggy surface does not overflow. After the ground was hardened, we began with the construction of the field behind the 1We Empower Centre. Recently grass has been sown and goals have been placed. A classroom and changing room with toilets complete the 1We Playground. Take a look

Again 6 families equipped with a 1We Rickshaw

There are already 235 of them cycling around in Bangladesh: the completely recycled 1We Rickshaws. And recently 6 more have been donated. With this, 6 new families have come out of poverty at once. Since they no longer need to pay the high costs of a rental bicycle cab, they are able to build a better future. A few dozens of children now have the opportunity to go to school and learn a profession. Empower an entire familie

Solar panels for 69 families in Bangladesh

Sustainable here = sustainable there. Under this motto 1We - One World Experienced has placed already 69 1We Home Solar systems in Bangladesh, in cooperation with SolarFabriek. In addition to a solar panel, 46 families got a battery, lights and phone charger, thanks to donations. In this way the donors contribute directly to the improvement of the living conditions of the families. The alternative are kerosene lamps which emit toxic substances. The result: serious diseases and house fires. The use of solar panels and LED lighting provides a better health and safety. Moreover,  it offers people the opportunity to be productive also in the evening.
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Already 23 milk cows donated

Again 1We has donated 3 milk cows to underprivileged families in Bangladesh. One of the 1We Cows went to Md. Rafiq and his wife Khadiza Begum. The family with 4 children lives in Chittagong. Since Rafiq has an eye problem, he is not able to maintain his family. That's why his eldest son Kayes Uddin is forced to find a job besides school. With the 1We Cow the family now is able to earn a structural income. So far 23 cows have been donated. More cows

Kids empowerment with computers

Giving disadvantaged people access to knowledge. That is the purpose of the 1We Computer Project. Starting in Bangladesh where the majority of the population still has no access to the Internet. By giving especially children the chance to get in touch with modern technology, the new generation will be empowered and the digital gap in the world will be closed. Because this gap seems to be getting bigger and bigger. While access to the Internet, as the window on the world, leads to development. Under the motto ‘knowledge is power’, 1We and SNEW, specialist in the recycling of telecommunication and data equipment, have joined their forces. From the computer project, schools are equipped with computers as an empowerment tool. Help children to empower themselves