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Counter 1We Blankets on 459 

What is it going to be: a cold or a warm winter? If you have an isolated house with central heating, it doesn’t matter. Things are totally different, when you have to live on the streets and a homemade fire of waste is the only heat source you have. Exactly this is the situation of many people in Bangladesh, where the cold winter costs hundreds of deaths every year. Therefore also this year 1We - One World Experience takes off with the 1We Blanket Campaign. With every donated blanket, we are able to protect a life. Moreover, the blankets are multi-functional: not only as a blanket, but also as a baby crib or carpet. For the amount of € 5 you take care of someone in Bangladesh. Donate a blanket

Surfbabes on a mission

They both have a passion for windsurfing, they sport on a professional level and they are really fanatic. Also when it comes to their sports ambassadorship for 1We - One World Experience under the motto ‘Say YES to Play’. The Dutch Esther de Geus (23) en Ingrid Bakker (24) have committed themselves to the 1We Playgrounds.

Fight against poverty

The two globetrotters now also utilize their surf travels around the world to promote the sports fields in Bangladesh, Brazil and Burundi. "Sport is important for the personal development of children", the surfbabes says. Support the girls in their fight against poverty! Make a donation

1We Power Shops are beginning to take shape

They are ready for take-off: the 40 women and 12 young men who are selected to run the 1We Power Shops in Bangladesh. In the village of Rajihar, about 120 km below Dhaka, the construction of 3 shops is beginning to take shape, as the start of the 1We Empower Center. It’s about an energy shop, an eatery and a rickshaw shop. Now the stones have been stacked and plastered with cement, they soon can start with the interior of the building. The shops will also be used as learning workshops; in cooperative relationship they offer the women and men training and income. That means that in one go 52 families will get a better life. To develop this project further any help is required! Sponsor the Power Shops


First 1We Sewing Machine donated

They live with 4 people in a corragated hut in a slum in Bangladesh. The house, right next to a junkyard, counts tight 5m². This is barely enough for a bed and some other stuff. Since Kamal Uddin lost his job as a guard, the family has problems to make end meets. And yet he and his wife Jotsna try to make the best of it for their 2 children. With the donation of the first 1We Sewing Machine they now will get a better life. Thanks to her work experience in a garment factory, Jotsna can repair the clothes of people within the community. With the extra income, her youngest also can attend school. Moreover her position within the family will improve. Give women a chance with a donation! Watch the filmclip    

Original gifts with a special story

Looking for a special gift? Buy a 1We gift for someone in Bangladesh on behalf of your father, mother, brother-in-law or wife. With this present you will make the difference in the lives of underprivileged people. So no socks, ties and perfumes, but a warm blanket, a tool, tuition fees or (half) a cow. Special gifts with a story. For a small price with a huge impact! You will receive a digital gift card, which you can give as a symbolic present. The real gift goes to someone in Bangladesh. Buy now from your chair

Solar panels for 46 families in Bangladesh

Sustainable here = sustainable there. Under this motto 1We - One World Experienced has placed already 46 1We Home Solar systems in Bangladesh, in cooperation with SolarFabriek. In addition to a solar panel, 46 families got a battery, lights and phone charger, thanks to donations. In this way the donors contribute directly to the improvement of the living conditions of the families. The alternative are kerosene lamps which emit toxic substances. The result: serious diseases and house fires. The use of solar panels and LED lighting provides a better health and safety. Moreover,  it offers people the opportunity to be productive also in the evening.
Donate a 1We Home Solar system

Coach Bangladesh becomes 1We Ambassador

With Lodewijk de Kruif as the head coach of the Bangladesh national football team, the campaign ‘Say YES to Play’ now has become international. For the promotion of the @1We Football Playgrounds in Brazil, Bangladesh and Burundi, De Kruif has committed himself as the 16th 1We Sports Ambassador of 1We - One World Experience. The former football player of the Dutch clubs Blauw Geel '55, FC Wageningen, Bennekom, Lunteren, TOP Oss, Spakenburg, Beerschot and 1 FC Kleve started his adventure as head coach in Bangladesh at the beginning of 2014. "It’s a real survival challenge in this country. But if you can make it in Bangladesh, then you can make it anywhere in the world." Support the 1We Football Playgrounds

Already 15 milk cows donated

Again 1We has donated 3 milk cows to underprivileged families in Bangladesh. One of the 1We Cows went to Md. Rafiq and his wife Khadiza Begum. The family with 4 children lives in Chittagong. Since Rafiq has an eye problem, he is not able to maintain his family. That's why his eldest son Kayes Uddin is forced to find a job besides school. With the 1We Cow the family now is able to earn a structural income. So far 15 cows have been donated. More cows

Football profs into action for 'YES to Play'

The campaign for the 1We Football Playgrounds is a huge success. Our goal: creating awareness about this project through the efforts of professional football players as 1We Sports Ambassadors. At this moment already 15 football players have committed themselves to 1We. Bart Vriends of the Dutch club Go Ahead Eagles was the very first ambassador. “I believe that every child in this world has the right to play and be a child. For this purpose football is the ultimate means, since people play together in a positive and playful way. In this sense, football is a weapon in the fight against poverty." The target of the campaign: creating football playgrounds in the slums of Brazil, Bangladesh and Burundi. Play with us

Kids empowerment with computers

Giving disadvantaged people access to knowledge. That is the purpose of the 1We Computer Project. Starting in Bangladesh where the majority of the population still has no access to the Internet. By giving especially children the chance to get in touch with modern technology, the new generation will be empowered and the digital gap in the world will be closed. Because this gap seems to be getting bigger and bigger. While access to the Internet, as the window on the world, leads to development. Under the motto ‘knowledge is power’, 1We and SNEW, specialist in the recycling of telecommunication and data equipment, have joined their forces. From the computer project, schools are equipped with computers as an empowerment tool. Help children to empower themselves

From bicycle cab to art work

It is ready: the art work that the Dutch artist Hans Vanhorck produced from an original Bengali 1We Rickshaw. The result is amazing. The bright blue, 'barebones' rickshaw typifies the work of Vanhorck: big, compelling and confronting. In his studio he started to strip the bike completely. This 'carcass' is the basis for the surprising art object. "It symbolizes the backbone of the 1We Rickshaw project in Bangladesh", the artist explains. “The color blue, which stands for the highest altitudes and the deepest depths, symbolizes hope. That is why the title of this art work is 'The Blue Hope'.” With his piece of art, 1We Art Ambassador Hans Vanhorck supports the 1We Rickshaw project, which has given almost 150 families a better life. The aim is to expose the object as an 'eye catcher' on exhibitions, fairs and events. More about the creation